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Bad Credit Loans

Poor or low credit score may pose as a stumbling block in the process of procuring a loan. The lender may view you as a high-risk customer and your chances to get a loan may be very low. If you have a bad credit loan requirement, get in touch with Grange Finance brokers.

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Located in Melbourne, Grange Finance offers expert solutions to all your financial queries. With its strong network of more than 30 lenders from across Australia, the process of getting a loan is much easier. We offer wide options to choose from and ensure that you able to figure out the best bad credit loan plan. Moreover, Grange finance brokers will assist you at every step from choosing the best deal to getting through the process of application and approval.

Make an appointment with us today to discuss your requirement. We will help you make smart choices and make it a smooth borrowing experience for you. Try us out!


30 Different Lenders

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