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Equipment Finance

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Equiping Your Business

A flexible range of products for your vehicle, equipment and plant financing needs—rent, lease, buy or hire.
Our vehicle and equipment finance can offer you:

1. Flexible repayment cycles and amounts to suit your anticipated cash flow
2. Limits that we can assess based on your business situation
fixed or variable interest rates (depending on the approved limit)

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Equipment Finance is a loan that enables you to buy new business equipment and use the equipment as collateral. This helps to improve cash flow since you are free to make other investments that will further help your business to grow. Business equipment finance allows you to make the most efficient use of the available resources.

Are you looking out for competitive equipment finance rates to expand your business? Grange Finance is here to simplify the process of equipping your business. With the flexible range of products that we have, vehicle and equipment finance becomes a hassle-free process. We offer competitive equipment finance rates from over 30 lenders to help you procure the best deal. Our equipment finance plans include the following benefits:

• Flexibility in terms of repayment cycle to best suit your need
• Fixed or variable interest rates and limits based on your business situation

With our assistance at every level, the process of equipment finance becomes fast and simple for you. Grange finance brokers not only will help you pick the best deals, but will also extend help you through the application and approval process. Our industry experts will structure and plan the process in a manner that makes it convenient and simpler for you.

You no longer need to restrict your business due to financial constraints. Get in touch with Grange Finance Brokers to discuss your requirement and avail expert advice. Book an appointment with us and be assured of an exceptional finance solution service.


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