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Buying your first home or mortgage refinancing is a very daunting process with over 300 loan products out there, which is why at Grange Finance we’ll walk you through the steps from choosing the perfect loan from our home loan product range, to applying and getting approval.

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Are you a first home buyer in Melbourne and about to take the first step towards having your own home? Buying a home is indeed an exciting process but, it can be strenuous and time-consuming too. The myriad plans for home loans in Melbourne may confuse you. After all, you need to pick up a great deal and a home loan plan that best suits your requirement. Grange Finance brokers are here to make the entire process of procuring a home loan easy and fulfilling for you. With our wide network of major banks and financial institutions, we can help you gain access to the best rate.

We understand that first home buyers in Melbourne are building a dream. We want you to enjoy your loan and feel good about it. To make it smooth for you, we will guide you at every step. Not only will we be around to help you choose the most suitable loan but, will also help you in the application process and in getting approvals. We will do the entire legwork for you to make it a great lending experience.

Get in touch with Grange Finance brokers to discuss your requirement. Our mortgage brokers will help you to find out competitive home loan plans in Melbourne and serve you better. We will help you find the best rate from over 30 lenders and will plan the entire process for you.

We understand that for first home buyers in Melbourne, buying a home is much more than just a financial accomplishment.


30 Different Lenders

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