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Refinancing Mortgage

Refinancing can save you

Things to Consider Before Refinancing

Your life never stands still, and neither should your mortgage. If change is afoot, it might be time to search for a more suitable home loan.

The lending market is more competitive than ever before. There are new loan options coming out regularly. It is worthwhile to once a year revise your home loan to ensure that your current loan is working in the way you want it to and that your loan is still competitive in terms of interest rates and fees.

Refinancing your loan may allow you to:

1. Obtain a better interest rate

2. Reduce your monthly repayments

3. Borrow additional amounts to cater for lifestyle choices e.g. home improvements, a new car, holidays, investments or consolidating debt

By considering this option, you can save thousands of dollars by paying less interest overall or lower monthly payments.

Make An Appointment

Refinancing your mortgage is an effective way to lower the interest rate and secure a better plan. The lending market is very competitive as new plans with new loan options are frequently rolled out. This makes it essential to revise and make the move to look out for a home loan refinance that will lower your monthly repayment.

A competitive refinance mortgage rate will benefit you in the following ways:

• Better interest rate
• Reduction in monthly repayment
• Flexibility to pay off loan faster
• Get additional amount that can be used for some other purpose

Loan refinance indeed is a rewarding option that will enable you to save better. However, the process may sound complex and the multiple products might confuse you. If you are keen about switching your loan plan and are interested in knowing more about the best refinance mortgage rates, get in touch with us.

Make an appointment and we will assist in simplifying the process of loan refinance for you. With our network of over 30 lenders from across Australia, we will help you shift over to the best deal available. You have the option to compare rates from different lenders and we will help you to figure out the best rate. To add to this, our mortgage broking and refinancing services are free of charge and we take responsibility of the entire legwork involved in the process.

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