Andrew’s ability to work close with our clients and ensure they receive the very best care and products is what brings us back to him. Andrew is accomplished at both residential and commercial lending and I have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Steve Lake

Great firm, get attitude!! Grange Finance helped us to get our home loans without us having to break a sweat!! They helped us acquire and organised all our documents to get the loans. They even have great connections with top banks in Melbourne. This made our life easier. Finally we were able to purchase our own house!

Mark Walker

They have pretty strong connections and helped us get home loans at a very affordable price! Me and my wife were planning to get a loan to buy a new house since we both have a stable job and wanted to settle down with a house of our own. However, we were struggling to get a good deal and it left us worried and disappointed. Finally we came across Grange Finance and they helped us get the best deal at a very low interest rate. We were finally able to purchase a house! Thanks to them!

Pown Cathy

Top notch mortgage broker!! They beautifully assessed our financial affairs and put together a picture of our credit worthiness and provided us the options to choose the right loan lenders. They have great connections and are worth every penny. If you need home loans I will definitely recommend them!!

Beryl Donaldson

Highly recommended!!
Great customer service! They helped us acquire and arrange all the documents. I am impressed by the great connections that they have. They helped us get our home loans proficiently. We have finally bought our own house thanks to Grange Finance!

Simon Martin

Hi Andrew,

I just got off the phone with Steve and we are both so incredibly relieved that you managed to get the loan.

How can we thank you enough? It is a big stress off our backs.

Much appreciated. Thanks again.

Debby V